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Free Webinar with Charlotte Danielson

Charlotte Danielson will be presenting a free webinar with Corwin Publishing about leading professional conversations.

Monday, December 5, 2016 - 3:30pm

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Research has long suggested that the most powerful contributor to teacher growth and learning are the professional conversations that accompany observations of classroom practice and the analysis of student work. This webinar will explore the cultural and institutional structures that contribute to productive conversations and provide school leaders with the key first steps to enriching their conversations to improve teacher reflection and learning.

Participants in this webinar will discover the:

  • Power of professional conversation to promote reflection on practice
  • Importance of professional consensus on the underlying assumptions of how schools operate, in terms of desired student learning, and the nature of both learning and teaching
  • Positive influence a principal's positional authority has on structuring the professional learning environment
  • Specific steps school leaders can take to ensure productive professional conversations, and therefore teacher reflection and learning.

ASCD 2015: Charlotte Danielson announces new resources and uses for the Framework for Teaching

The Framework for Teaching is a research-based definition of effective teaching, and when used thoughtfully, is a validated instrument for meaningful professional learning and accurate teacher evaluations. At ASCD 2015 in Houston, Charlotte described the importance of moving beyond ratings and rankings in teacher evaluation, and focusing on the professional growth and learning of teachers that will lead to increased student learning. This presentation included Charlotte’s latest thinking about the use of the Framework for Teaching by organizing the Framework's 22 components into six thematic “big ideas.” This organization of the Framework can effectively support professional learning of teachers through:
  1. reflection on their own practice, and
  2. professional conversation with colleagues, mentors, coaches, and supervisors.
The six thematic Framework Clusters - like the full framework - are generic in nature; they apply to all teaching situations, in all disciplines and to different ages and levels of performance.
You can download draft copies of Charlotte’s 3 versions of the Framework Clusters (generic, math, and ELA). They are listed in "Downloads" on the right hand side of our Framework page.

Charlotte Danielson Honored at Rutgers University.


On Sunday, May 18, 2014, Charlotte received the Distinguished Leader in Education Award from Rutgers University's Graduate School of Education.  The Dean of the school remarked on Charlotte’s distinguished leadership in enhancing the professional practice of teaching.

Charlotte Danielson Keynotes at NNSTOY Conference

The National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY) conference will be held July 10-11, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA. Charlotte Danielson will be presenting a keynote session at the conference. NNSTOY is a non-profit organization serving as a professional home to State Teachers of the Year (STOYs) in what is called their years of service, following their Year of Recognition when they serve as their State STOY.  Their focus is on providing active and meaningful roles for our members, in furthering great teaching and strengthening student learning.  They do this through three critical vehicles:  policy, practice, and advocacy. Charlotte also spoke at their 2013 conference.

Charlotte Danielson Presents at National Board Conference

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards held their Teaching and Learning 2014 conference on March 14-15 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Charlotte Danielson appeared on March 14. Through one-of-a-kind keynote speakers, inspiring panels and practical workshops, T&L 2014 tackled some of the toughest challenges facing educators today and showcased solutions that work. From Common Core State Standards to education technology to advancing issues of equity in the classroom, educators from all types of classroom settings had unique opportunities to share their stories, gain new tools, learn from the nation’s top innovators and get inspired to achieve greatness in their classrooms and communities.

Charlotte Danielson Presents at ASCD Conference

March 16, 2014

Charlotte Danielson gave a presentation, Teacher Evaluation and Development in the Common Core Era, on March 16, 2014 at the ASCD Annual Conference in Los Angeles. Slides from her presentation can be found here.

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"Danielson’s Framework for Teaching has been a revelation to me; the best analogy I can offer is that the Framework is like having voice-guided GPS to direct you to a destination, when before you might have only had a destination name and an outdated road map."

Pre-Service Teacher, May 2016

“[The consultant] gave the best PD I have seen in 15 years of teaching, and was the first to explain [the] Danielson [Framework] in a human way. Bravo.”

A teacher, June 2015

“I am so impressed with the Danielson Group consultants. They are all so real. Your trainers helped make [proficient] teaching stronger and steered [basic teaching] toward increasing effectiveness.” 

A principal, June 2015

"Due to your consultant's seamless and meaningful transitions, knowledge of content, and rapport with the audience, the room was alive with energy and it made us all feel ready to begin the year off with success."

"Never before have I seen a group of seasoned educators like your consultants master the art of communicating with an audience with varied levels of expertise and interests. The two days that I spent with your team, I walked away with a desire to use the rubric to truly enhance my own practice."

"I left with a renewed look at the rubric, thinking that the rubric is the Great Equalizer! We can ALL enhance our practice by using it as a tool and a roadmap to produce students who think and are ready for college and careers. THANK YOU!"

"Your consultants' presence and organization of the day will not only impact the new teachers that attended, but will make the year alive for a vast number of students this year."

"Our workshop focused on calibration and inter-rater agreement training, so it was directly aligned to our individual and collective work with teacher performance evaluation.  With new administrators on the team, this type of training is critical."

"We were highly impressed with our Danielson Group consultant and the workshop. We have nothing but positive things to share. Staff have been emailing us, thanking us. This is the most worthwhile presentation we've been to in a while."

"The workshop you provided was hands-on, interesting, practical, and respectful of time limits. I heard more positive feedback about this workshop from staff than I have about any other."

"We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the flexibility and professionalism that your consultant provided in our unique context. It helped us to keep on track with our schedule at a critical time. For that we are truly grateful."

"Your consultant presented a perfectly differentiated learning experience for all our principals. They were highly engaged, as demonstrated by on-topic conversations using academic language, completion of tasks requiring evidence identification, and note taking and 'grading' during classroom videos of teaching."

"Our school principals said the Framework observation training was the best training they had ever had, including the training provided when earning their Master’s degrees."

"I have a principal who was so excited about the breakthrough work with her staff in special education. I am already getting my money back!"

"My concern about the extra time it would take to implement the Framework successfully was not accurate. It took about the same amount of time as our prior evaluation system, and the benefits in professional growth and increased student achievement were more than worth it."

"I want to truly thank you for the brilliant job that you did with our training. I got such positive feedback from the team. They feel re-energized and like they have a direction and new tools to do the job."