Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recent EdWeek Article: The Framework and the Common Core

Applying the Common Core and the Framework to Teaching

Charlotte Danielson on Teaching and the Common Core
 by Anthony Rebora in Education Week

Teaching expert Charlotte Danielson discusses the effects of the common standards on instructional practice and teacher professional development. She always recommends observing and listening to the students in the classroom. If a teacher's lessons have included inquiry and discussion skills, then the students will demonstrate facility in using the skills to learn ideas and concepts.  "Again, I tend to look at what the students are doing. So, for example, do you see evidence of the teacher developing the skills that would encourage good argumentation—not only by asking good questions themselves but by encouraging the students to ask good questions and respectfully challenge one another's point of view? That kind of holistic inquiry has always been a part of my Framework."

"But it's important to note that the common standards so far only apply to two subject areas, literacy and mathematics, whereas my framework is generic—I intend it to apply to all settings."
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