Frequently Asked Questions
Resources - Online and otherwise
Are both the 2011 and 2013 Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument(s) available electronically?

Yes, both versions of the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument are available in a PDF format from the Danielson Group website. Any educator may download this file and use the print version for his or her own personal use. Click here to go to the Books and Materials page.

However, neither version of the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument (2011 and 2013)  may be incorporated into any third party software system.  The Danielson Group has entered into an exclusive agreement with Teachscape for the digital rights to publish and distribute software products based upon the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument (2011 and 2013). As such, Teachscape and only Teachscape can incorporate the content of the Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument (2011 and 2013) in its software products. Any direct or indirect attempts by any other company to publish this instrument would constitute a violation of Teachscape's contractual rights, and be deemed to be an illegal expropriation of Charlotte Danielson's intellectual property rights.

If Danielson Group consultant training is not available for individuals, what are my options?
There are highly effective online training options offered through Charlotte Danielson's partners: Teachscape and Educational Impact. See our Partners page for more information.
What Framework for Teaching e-books are available?

The following publications are available from the ASCD website as PDF e-books:

  • Enhancing Professional Practice: A Framework for Teaching, 2nd edition by Charlotte Danielson (#106034)
  • Enhancing Student Achievement: A Framework for School Improvement by Charlotte Danielson (#102109)
  • The Handbook for Enhancing Professional Practice: Using the Framework for Teaching in Your School by Charlotte Danielson (#106035)
  • An Introduction to Using Portfolios in the Classroom by Charlotte Danielson (#197171)
  • Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice by Charlotte Danielson  and Thomas L. McGreal (#100219)
  • Teacher Leadership That Strengthens Professional Practice by Charlotte Danielson (#105048)
What electronic tools are available to support our work around the Framework for Teaching?

There are highly effective tools available from Teachscape:

The Framework for Teaching Proficiency System - a complete solution for observer training and assessment. Developed in partnership with ETS and Charlotte Danielson, the Framework for Teaching Proficiency System enables districts and states to promote high-quality observations by implementing rigorous training for all observers.

Reflect Live - a flexible, easy-to-use, and comprehensive observation management and reporting system that allows observers to schedule classroom observations, collect and organize the data around the Framework for Teaching components, then store the data on a secure platform.